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…so it’s important to make sure it matches the personality of your business as closely as possible. This is where some extra homework might be needed - uh oh!

More often than not businesses don’t actually know who they are. It’s a case of '“That’s our name.” and onto other things. But the great thing about branding is it can make generating and securing business easier as clients can connect with the brand and hence the business more effectively. It’s a sign of trust, quality and distinction , so why not give it a little more thought?

The WAGi approach to branding is to learn about the company and its’ people, to reveal any influences behind the business name and nature and then to draft a short series of concepts for the client to assess. Using an iterative approach, the brand begins to reveal itself and then we give it a final polish.





…and by that we mean good web design & build centres around creating simple websites that work! Now that might seem like an over simplification, but in truth that’s the main criteria for a good website - it has to work for the needs of the client and we put that ethos into our projects..with a little bit of design and creative magic added into the mix.

We’re a predominantly Squarespace focussed agency as we know that this platform is ideal for SME’s to manage independently after delivery. We are able not only to utilise the Squarespace architecture effectively,, but can also provide custom design features to enhance their basic platforms.

We have found that this the most cost-effective way to design, build and deliver a feature-rich website that provides a huge amount of backend support functionality for the user, which is important when our work is done as we want our clients to be able to manage their own sites without regular (and potentially costly) ‘support’ from their agency. We’re always on hand to help, but only when it’s really needed.


New! - Subscription Packages

We try to focus on the absolute needs of our clients and, as such, we have created packages to reduce costs and ease the burden on your cashflow. These packages offer the opportunity to spread payments over a 6-month period within which we will work with you to design and build your website, develop design elements that match (and hopefully exceed) your expectations, and also provide website support to make sure you’re never stuck…

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Everything seems to be driven by all things visual nowadays and, as such, design is another key component within your digital offering.

Visual elements on your website will help in strengthening your message and leave a lasting impression on existing and prospective clients.





OK, so alongside the awesome stuff we’ve listed above, we also dabble in the digital arts by way of Marketing and Social Media offerings.


Having a great website is only the start… now you need to let everyone know about it, right? And that’s where we look at the next steps on your digital journey. In the main, email is still the premier channel for digital marketing (alongside Social Media, which we’ll get to next…).

We once again listen to the needs of our clients and create meaningful, engaging and effective email campaigns where we look to integrate the messaging with the website and the overall offering of the clients. We aim for the recipients of your emails to interact and engage as much as possible with the messaging so that your brand becomes or remains at the forefront of their related thoughts. We will look at design, timing and frequency of your messages,

Social Media

Look around and we’re sure you’ve noticed how everyone seems to have their faces buried in their phone screens… it’s the world in which we live today, and as such Social Media is a crucial channel to enhance your business. But… it can be a tricky proposition to build your social media presence effectively.

We can help…

We will work together with our clients to (re)define your social media profile if required, develop hashtag clouds to aid with ‘discoverability’, create content and schedule posts based upon relevant insights. We look to develop an effective plan over 3-6 months to kick start your social media activity and ensure that you can take it on at the end of our tenure.